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Post-13.13; explores the unexpected consequences of the recent changes at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Feeling betrayed by the hospital she trusted, she takes a leap of faith, never imagining the direction her life would turn, all because of one choice.The corpse of Alison Bailey, Greg's friend since their research of the Vegas and Sinatra glory years, is found smashed into a wrecked grand piano, abound in a desert junk yard.She was in town to research the life of legendary pianist Ledo Wright, who disappeared for 20 years before he was killed years ago.CSI is a fast-paced drama about a team of Las Vegas-based forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence.On the case 24/7, these forensic investigators do all that they can to solve the mystery.A curiously damaged acrylic record brings to team to link his story with that of former out-staged mob baron Tommy Grazetti, who now runs a Sinatra show impersonation club.

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He says he's not cheating on her, but Meredith doesn't believe him for a second. Andrea felt lost, she didn't know what to do or even think at this point. But maybe together they could find a way to get through this and convince each other that healing takes time.

(Garnett/Tex) COMPLETEThe secret is out in the open and there's no going back now.

Meredith thought she could end it, but it was just too real. But that didn't mean everyone was happy, especially not her sister by blood.

When she can't deal with living alone with their children in the Dream House in the woods, Meredith pulls an Ellis Grey and flees with nothing more than a vague note. As the crew prepares to bring the Nathan James downriver and spread the cure west, Kat discovers how strong she can really be. We know where the finale of the series left Sara and Grissom. Using the prompt 'Person A is worried for Person B' but super lightly. They finally have a beautiful son and are settling into life as a family. Follow their journey through the good and bad, tragedy and triumph as they fight for their family and struggle to keep the happiness they deserve.

Set and the end of 'Don't Look Back' Andrea is worried about Mike as she waits for him to disembark. Follows "And Then There Were Two" & "Baby Makes Three".So when Derek finds his best friend sleeping with the woman what left them years ago, Derek takes off with his 8 year old daughter to Seattle in search for a new beginning (REWRITING)My take of late season 11 onward. Meredith switched the placebo with the active agent, Alex ratted her out and got her fired. After she has completed her residency their paths cross again.

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