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I was trying to get my daughter (1 year and 8 months old) to eat her dinner and I said “That’ll make your hair curl.” Now, I don’t think that green vegetables give you curly hair, or even that curly hair is a great thing to have. If you dig enough in your own family, you’re sure to come up with all the stuff you could want for a great novel. “Dreadful business, they seem to have arrested the King...” he says.It’s just a phrase I heard from my Granddad a hundred times when I was small. Our families are so ordinary to us that we even think they’re boring. Surprising characters, dramatic or funny stories passed down for generations, or a face from the past you recognise – maybe in your own. Or, as genealogists like to say, “Shake your family tree - and watch the nuts fall out.” My mother started tracing our family tree a few years ago, not expecting to get far. If you look at your family, you open a window on the past.So all the students say, “My family consists of five members.Me, my mother, my father, my brother and my dog…” And so on. It’s such a shame, because our families are unique.We’ve mentioned the black sheep of the family – that’s someone who didn’t fit in, or caused a family scandal.

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