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29-Sep-2017 01:42

Its just pure fruit, sugar and water that blend together beautifully to carve out a mouth-watering melt in mouth gooey sweet sensation.It is rightly called ‘The Sweet of the Gods’ for the absence of any kind of impurities or chemicals.The group’s state of the art infrastructure and a very talented R&D department of food experts work diligently to carve out new delectable flavours of this sweet on frequent basis.

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Later, Sher Shah Suri ruled Agra and from 1556 to 1658 it was the capital of the Mughal Empire.Petha is a translucent soft candy from North India.Usually in the shape of rectangular or cylindrical pieces, made from the ash gourd vegetable (also known as winter melon, white pumpkin or simply petha in Hindi and Urdu).Situated in Uttar Pradesh, Agra is synonymous with the Taj Mahal however there’s lot more to the city than this world-famous monument.

Right from the epic to the Mughal Dynasty, Agra has been monumental and has played a significant role in shaping India’s history.

It is as loved by Indians as it is by foreigners who throng here in large numbers to admire its beauty.

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